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Difference between CAD & CAE courses

This is the most basic question that is asked by many engineers who are looking for the best CAE software. However, it is basic and important as well to understand the difference between CAE and CAD.

In simple language, CAD is all about the creation and generation of 3D models, whereas CAE is all about testing their characteristics by applying all the engineering methods. If we see, that both tools are important for design for manufacturing training. But they still have many differences.

Continue reading to know more differences between these two.

What are CAD & CAE?

CAD or computer-aided design tool is used by engineers to create 3D designs or models. On the other hand, CAE or computer-aided engineering tool is used to analyse these models. Back in time, the engineers used to make the structures and designs by using paper pens pencils using hand calculations. But with the introduction of these two tools, the 3D models of any object are possible for engineers.

The major difference between CAD & CAE

  • The abbreviation for CAD refers to using a computer to visualise a product idea. Whereas the abbreviation of CAE is the analysis of designed visualisation, testing, and simulating it.
  • CAD is the designing of 3D models. On the other hand, CAE is used to analyse that 3D model. Thus, CAE is considered the continuity of CAD.
  • The creation of 3D models requires elementary technical skills like steps to create an aeroplane, how to extrude, etc. Any person with a little sense of 3D space geometry can perform this task, but to use CAE, the person needs a proper engineering background with a number of engineering subject knowledge such as Basic mechanics, fluid mechanics, the resistance of materials, Continuum solid mechanics, the science of materials, etc.
  • The application of CAE is only accurate when you are aware of the basic physics concept of whatever you are doing. On the other hand, the CAD application requires the smallest details of graphic design to give the best visual results of the 3D model.
  • The model of CAD can be altered into a mesh throughout the processing. It might consist of cuboids, cubes or tetrahedrons. But it is valid to compare a CAD model through a vector graphic. On the other hand, the CAE model is described as a model that’s pixelated.
  • CAD programs can easily identify and alert you about any geometrical error, the same as CAE will reduce the chances for errors in the design of a 3D model.


The main job of an engineer is to resolve the physical problem of the human race based on equations. They try their best to make problems as simple as they can. It is very easy to find a solution for a less complicated problem. And it is also easy to perform tests and see the calculations of its working chances. However, finding the best CAE software can test the solution to any physical problem.

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