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animal magazines accepting submissions

Animal Magazines Accepting Submissions

If you are interested in writing about animals, you should consider submitting your work to a variety of animal magazines. These publications focus on animal conservation and are open to non-fiction and fiction. Zoomorphic magazine is an example of a non-fiction magazine that accepts submissions. Animal Literary Magazine publishes work centered around the “essence of the beast” and is open to poetry and fiction submissions of up to five thousand words. Depending on the topic, you may also submit art or photography to this journal. If you want to everything about animal magazines accepting submissions just read the whole article. 

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Animal Reproduction

The editors of Animal Reproduction Science welcome manuscripts reporting original research results. These papers may be based on one experiment, or may be a series of experiments that contribute to our understanding of biology. They should be original and should not have been previously published in a preliminary form. Normally, an Original Research Paper should not exceed 8,000 words, and should contain at least eight items, such as an Introduction, Materials and Methods, and Results and Discussion. Articles should contain at least two figures.

Images are also welcome. The winning image may be used as the cover image of the journal for three issues and may be featured in promotional materials. In addition, winning images may be used on the website of the Society for Reproduction and Fertility. A caption should be included for each image, describing its content and acknowledging the author. The text of the caption must be less than 250 words, and the image should be in high resolution.

Reproduction has a policy to verify that manuscripts are genuine. The submission process is flexible, but the manuscripts should be complete enough to provide thorough peer review. If revisions are required, they should be formatted according to the Reproduction style. Highlighter functions must be used to indicate changes. Article text should not be submitted in PDF form.

Africa Geographic

If you’re looking for an outlet to showcase your talents of the animals, then Africa Geographic is a perfect fit. This animal magazine accepts original, unpublished manuscripts and is always interested in unique perspectives and a confident voice. Whether your writing is about wildlife, landscapes, or African culture, Africa Geographic is the place to submit your work.

The Chronicle of the Horse

The Chronicle of the Horse accepts submissions of articles, photographs, and videos about the horse world. The magazine has approximately 16,000 subscribers and focuses on dressage, hunters, steeplechase racing, and events. It also publishes human interest stories and profiles. The Chronicle pays between $165 and $220 per article. Payment depends on the length and quality of the article.

The Chronicle of the Horse is a San Francisco-based publication that seeks out unique, aesthetic stories from authors from around the world. Articles are typically 2,000 to 2,500 words in length. The magazine may also ask for a 500-word sidebar for use on its website. Submissions are accepted three times a year.

Readers of the Chronicle of the Horse are mostly women, older, and horse lovers. Over half of these readers compete at local shows, and over 70 percent do trail riding for fun. About 25 percent of readers are interested in breeding horses. Other activities include camping with their horses, attending equine clinics, or participating in riding clubs. Their favorite breeds include Paint/Pinto, Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, and Gaited Horse.


Many animal magazines accept submissions from freelance writers. It is important to research each magazine and follow their submission guidelines. Look for the type of articles they’re looking for and note the length and style. You should also pay attention to their website for any additional instructions. Once you have your articles ready, you can submit them.

LIFE+DOG is an excellent example of an animal magazine that is looking for contributors. This magazine focuses on the health and welfare of dogs and other companion animals. It accepts fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, and pays for published articles. You can submit as many as five pieces at once.

Dog magazines are always on the lookout for unique experiences with dogs. You can submit articles on hiking, camping, agility training, and more. There are also several specialty magazines for specific breeds, such as the Pointing Dog Journal. These magazines are a great place to find tips and share your own experiences with other dog owners.

Dogs naturally magazine is another animal magazine that accepts submissions. It aims to educate pet parents about the best products and services for their dogs. It also welcomes contributions from holistic and integrative veterinarians, herbalists, and other natural pet health practitioners.

Reptiles magazine

If you’re an enthusiast who’d like to share your knowledge and expertise with the world, Reptiles magazine accepts submissions. If you’d like to write a story, article, or review for the magazine, you can submit it through our website. Follow the guidelines below to submit a story or review to Reptiles magazine.

The magazine covers a wide variety of reptile and amphibian topics, including conservation and health. Articles can be up to two thousand words long and may include photographs. You’ll also need to submit a two-sentence bio. You’ll also need to sign a contract with the publisher, Pet 360 Media, to have your article published. If you’re selected for publication, you’ll receive up to three hundred dollars per article.

You can also send in non-fiction stories, poetry, and art. All of these magazines seek short stories, poems, and art. Make sure to send a query email to these magazines if you’d like to submit your work. You’ll also want to consider Zoomorphic, which publishes works on animal conservation. Zoomorphic also accepts submissions of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. You can submit up to five pieces at a time.

The Bark

The Bark is an animal magazine with a circulation of 250,000 readers that publishes articles and short stories about dogs. It also publishes book reviews and essays. The magazine pays upon publication, and the rate varies depending on the complexity of the article and length. BlogPaws, an inclusive global community of pet enthusiasts, also accepts submissions, and pays $75 per post accepted.

Zoomorphic, a popular magazine geared toward wildlife lovers, accepts fiction and non-fiction submissions. The magazine pays anywhere from $0.06 to $0.30 per word. Its editorial board is always looking for interesting and informative pieces about animals. Typically, the magazine publishes articles between 500 and 700 words. The magazine also accepts poetry and art submissions.

Dogster, an online magazine for dog lovers, is a fun source of information about dogs and their owners. Its articles range from pet health to dog training and other topics. There’s also a directory of pet services. Besides the magazine, Dogster also has a blog for dog lovers.

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