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Tubby Cats Rarity

Tubby Cats Rarity

The tubby cats are a collection of twenty thousand hand-created and algorithmically generated nfts from 120 themed palettes. While they do not have individual trait rarity in mind, they do contain 69 one-of-ones, created by different artists. These unique, high-end nfts have different traits than the rest of the collection. The rarity of each one is determined by the rarity of all of its traits combined, and this is a very important distinction.

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20000 nfts

If you’ve ever wondered how the creators of this game created the unique Tubby Cats, it’s the progressive reveal method. This technique matches certain traits with specific colors, like the color palettes used for the profile picture and detective hat. In addition to using a progressive reveal system, the creators of Tubby Cats used a themed gem palette for the NFTs to increase the rarity of each one.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the Tubby Cats NFT collection is not an exact replica of real cat figurines. It represents a collection of twenty thousand non-fungible bits, each representing a different style of the cat. It’s worth noting that the collection’s pieces are extremely rare, and its fans often pay a lot of gas to go see the cat collection in person.

The creators of the NFTs have spent over $720,000 on the minting of these unique coins. They also created an online community, where participants can upload original artwork to earn rewards. The feed of the site is mostly made up of memes, though. They are looking for suggestions for collaborations in the metaverse. This is an excellent opportunity to show off your own creations. This is a great way to boost your ego!

Progressive reveal system

The progressive reveal system for Tubby Cats is a great way to make it easier for players to find the rarest cats in the game. The new system allows users to purchase rare NFTs without immediately raising their price. Rares do not have to be immediately revealed, which is good for ‘rarity snipers’, who buy these items at a lower price. The process can also cut the time it takes from mint to disclosure in half.

The progressive reveal method was created by 0xngmi, who designed the smart contracts for the mint. In this method, each NFT is minted in batches of 1,000, so a user can see them as soon as they are made. A lot of other projects use a similar method, but the Progressive Reveal system allows users to see the NFT right away without having to wait until the next batch comes out.

The process of generating the NFTs was based on different color palettes and themes. The most common traits were in a wide range of palettes, while more specific ones were only in a few. For example, pajamas are only available in certain palettes, which is not fair for the rest of the cat population. Then, if the gen palette is “pajamas,” the NFT will be shown only in that palette.


Despite its popularity, the Whitelist tubby cats still have a long way to go to reach Cool Cats status. Among other things, this collection has been spotted on Crypto Twitter, where it has been ranked fourth in total sales. The rarity of this collection is determined by the 120 themed palettes that are used to make them. In fact, there are 69 one-of-one tubby cats in the entire collection, each crafted by a different artist.

While it’s impossible to get all the Whitelist cats in the world, the good news is that you can get a free airdrop of these rare coins from the NFT in February 2022. The airdrop will be sent to people who have joined the whitelist. This will ensure that you get a chance to grab one of these limited editions before they’re even released to the general public. The whitelist will also provide you with exclusive access to rare and limited edition collections, as well as exclusive content from artists.

The first mint for Tubby Cats went live on Feb. 21 at 12 pm EST. After the whitelist, the remaining tokens will be released to the public. As of now, the cheapest Tubby Cat is selling for 0.79 ETH, or about $2,000 at today’s price. Dune Analytics has a dedicated dashboard for this project. To see the price of the token, visit the whitelist page.

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