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Can Dogs Eat Tangerines

Can Dogs Eat Tangerines ? 4 Things You Need to Know!

Tangerines make great fruit. Tangerines are sweeter than oranges but still have a lot more vitamin C and other nutrients. Your dog may ask you to share some tangerines with her if you’re enjoying one. Can dogs eat tangerines too? Is this citrus fruit okay for dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Tangerines? Quick Answer

Yes, tangerines can be eaten by dogs. It is fine to share some tangerines with your dog. It is best to limit the amount of tangerines you give your dog. Tangerines can still be high in sugar so it is best not to feed them more than one or two segments per day.

Here are 4 things to keep in mind when feeding Tangerines to your Dog

These are some things to remember when you share this fruit with your dog.

1. Tangerines and Other Fruits aren’t necessary for dogs

We humans don’t eat fruit like tangerines just because they taste good. We need vitamin C to prevent us from getting sick. Scurvy, a serious disease, is caused by a lack of vitamin C. It can lead to easy bruising, poor wound healing and even death.

Dogs are immune to scurvy. Dogs can actually make all the vitamin that they need. There is no reason to give your dog tangerines, or any other fruits or vegetables just because they contain vitamin A.

2. Even a small amount of Tangerines and other fruits can be beneficial for your dog’s health.

Your dog can benefit from consuming small amounts of vegetables and fruits every now and again. Although vitamin C is the most important nutrient in Tangerines, these small citrus fruits still have dietary fiber and other vital nutrients.

Tangerines, in addition to vitamin C, are a great source of vitamin A and vitamin B-6, as well as Magnesium. Dogs need all three of these nutrients to stay healthy. They also need to get them from food. Their bodies can’t make all the nutrients they need.

Your dog’s digestive system will benefit from the dietary fiber provided by tangerines. A healthy diet with dietary fiber will help prevent constipation and diarrhea in your dog.

3. Do not feed your dog too many Tangerines or other fruits at once


There are two reasons you shouldn’t feed your dog too many tangerines at one time:

Tangerines contain a lot of sugar, like many other fruits. Dogs should not eat tangerines because they can cause hyperactivity, unfocusedness, and upset their digestive system. It can cause weight gain over time and even diabetes.

Tangerines are a good source of dietary fiber. In small quantities, dietary fiber is good for dogs’ digestive systems. However, too much dietary fiber can cause diarrhea in dogs.

4. Always wash and peel the Tangerines first

Before you give your dog or yourself any fruit, it is a good idea to wash it thoroughly. This is important as pesticide residue can cause illness in pets and humans.

Tangerine peels can be eaten by humans. However, it is best to remove the peel before giving it to your dog friend. Tangerine peels can be difficult for dogs to digest so don’t feed them tangerine skins.

A Frequently Asked Questions About Dogs and Tangerines

We have covered all the important points about feeding your dog tangerines. Let’s now answer some common questions to make sure you have all the answers.

Tangerines are toxic to dogs

Tangerines are safe for dogs. Tangerines can cause stomach upset if they are given in large quantities. However, dogs can eat small portions of tangerines daily.

Grapes, raisins, unripe tomatoes, avocados, and most fruit seeds or pits are not recommended for dogs. They can be toxic.

What is the Daily Consumption of Tangerines for Dogs?

Your dog’s size will determine how many tangerines he can consume in a given day. A small dog shouldn’t be allowed to eat more than one or two segments per day. However, larger dogs can have 4 or 5 segments.

If this is your first time sharing this fruit with your dog then you should only give her one segment. Every dog is different, and it is impossible to predict how your dog will react to new foods. It’s best to introduce new foods slowly.

Can Dogs Eat Tangerine Peels?

Tangerine peels are not safe for dogs. Tangerine peels can cause stomach upsets because they are hard for dogs to digest. You should also avoid giving tangerine peels to your dog. Tangerine peels can still contain pesticide residues, which can be toxic to dogs.

Can Puppies Eat Tangerines?

Puppies can have sensitive stomachs so you should avoid giving them tangerines and other fruits. After your puppy has been eating solid food for a while, it is okay to give her one tangerine piece.

Do Dogs also like other citrus fruits?

The answer to the question, “Can dogs eat Tangerines?” is yes. But what about other citrus fruits. Can dogs also eat other citrus fruits?

Dogs can eat sweet citrus fruits such as oranges, tangerines, and clementines. However, it is best to not give your dog lemons or limes. Lemons and limes may not be toxic for dogs but they can cause stomach upsets. Although it is unlikely that your dog would eat a lemon or lime, most dogs love the sweet taste and sweetness of tangerines.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Tangerines?

It is safe for dogs eat tangerines. However, you should limit your dog’s consumption to just a few pieces. Otherwise, you could risk giving your dog diarrhea. Also, you must wash and peel the tangerines thoroughly before giving them to your four-legged friend.

Do you have a dog that likes tangerines? What about other citrus fruits, too? You can also join the conversation in the comments below to tell us all about your dog.

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