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lowering your blood pressure

8 Active Dog Breeds That’ll Help You Stay Fit

Looking to get a dog to add some four-legged fun to your life? Whatever your reason for owning a pet, one of the best benefits of owning a dog is that you’ll get a bit more active. Since you have to walk them twice a day, you’ll get outside and moving, lowering your blood pressure and giving yourself better heart health. However, some people search for dog breeds that’ll really help them stay active. If you’re looking for active dogs to stay fit this year, here are your best options.

1 Border Collies. Border Collies are known for how active they are. They enjoy running and playing, usually outside. Because Border Collies enjoy their freedom to run and play so much, they might have a tendency to run away or chase after something. You’ll want to make sure you invest in a quality dog collar and leash set before taking your collie out for walks or runs. Border Collies also like to jump, so having toys they can play with or jump to get, such as frisbees, will also help to keep both of you active and fit.

2 Siberian Huskies. Since Siberian Huskies were bred to pull sleds across tough tundras and packed snow, it makes sense that they’d be an active dog breed. They are one of the dog breeds that need the most exercise and active time. Whether you take them out for a walk and then spend an hour at the dog park or you just spend a couple of hours at the dog park every day, it’s important they get lots of exercise. If you’re looking to stay active, then a Siberian Husky is a great breed choice because you can easily exceed your exercise goals by going for a long walk with them every day of the week.

3 Yellow Labs. Labradors of all colors are highly active, actually. They love to run, jump and play. Fetch is a great activity to do with yellow labs, and you can increase your movement with it by increasing your distance from your dog or moving to a new spot for them to return to after they fetch the ball. Since they’re a great dog breed to take on a hike or even a beach trip, you should get them a trackable dog tag like the Tile for pets. Trackable dog tags that use Bluetooth technology to home in on your dog’s location can be great for yellow labs that get a little too far away from you during your activities together. If you’re trying to find new low-intensity ways to stay active and want to add a dog to the mix, a yellow lab is a great choice for any interested dog owner.

lowering your blood pressure

4 Jack Russell Terriers. Jack Russells might be small, but they’re fast! They love to run, play and jump, especially while out on walks or even in the house. Don’t let their size fool you. Jack Russell Terriers are dogs built to work. In fact, they were bred to help hunters find foxes. These dogs have a loud bark, and they’re the perfect companion to work out with. Since they aren’t massive, they’re allowed at most apartment complexes and rental units, perfect for anyone who needs to adhere to breed and weight restrictions when choosing a dog. They’re very sweet, but they’re very active. Not only will you have to give them lots of exercise, but you’ll also have to make sure that you’re prepared to do lots of exercising as well.

5 Doberman Pinschers. Dobermans often get a bad rep for appearing aggressive, but they can be very sweet. If you’re someone who likes hiking and running, then you may find yourself interested in a Doberman Pinscher. Because of their body shape, they’re great dogs to run with. Make sure you’re prepared to keep an eye on them, though. Dobermans are known for following their noses instead of staying on track. Since they get distracted easily, you will want to invest in the best dog-walking accessories like collars and harnesses. Plus, always make sure you’ve got them on a leash instead of free walking. This will keep them next to you!

6 Weimaraners. Weimaraners are notorious for their sleek build and agile moves. That’s what makes them great for hiking, running and lots of other physical activities! They make for great exercise companions. They definitely need lots of exercise, so if you’re someone who lives a very active lifestyle, they might just be the perfect dog breed for you. Consider how you can keep them well exercised but not overworked, and make sure to extend the same level of grace to yourself!

lowering your blood pressure

7 Australian Shepards. Since Australian Shepards are herding dogs, they know how to explore. If you like to hike and want to elevate your hiking experiences, having an Australian Shepard with you as your hiking partner can really go a long way in helping you reach your exercise goals. Plus, they are a sweet-natured breed, so you’ll probably find yourself wanting to cuddle with them as much as you want to go out for a run with them!

8 Vizslas. A Vizsla is a dog that’s very energetic and playful and enjoys being outside. If you’ve got a fenced-in yard, then it’ll be a great place for them to run around and get their energy out — and you can run around with them to get some exercise too! Make sure you’re prepared to take them on a longer walk than other dogs, and you’ll also want to carve out extra time to be out with them.

Choosing a dog breed that has a lot of energy is a great way to stay fit, especially if that’s what you’re looking for. No matter which dog you choose, they all will need some form of exercise to stay healthy, but there are a few breeds that naturally need more exercise and activity than others.

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