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cat tree for large cats

A Cat Tree For Large Cats

This unique cat tree has two different platform heights, two wall-mounted shelves, and foliage to offer privacy and shelter for your big cat. The sturdy construction is ideal for large cats up to 32 pounds. The platform heights are adjustable, and the shelves can be set at different heights. A cat can climb on these shelves for hours at a stretch. They can also be used as scratching posts. Regardless of the height, they can be a great place for your kitty to exercise.

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A cat tree needs to be stable is the key word here. It is often difficult to spot wobble in the base of a cat tree because most cat trees have triangular bases with a wide bottom and a narrow top. To avoid wobble, widen the base of the tree with plywood. This will prevent wobbling while increasing stability. Here are some tips to ensure your cat tree is stable and sturdy.

Ensure that your cat tree is sturdy. If it is not sturdy enough, it could be dangerous for your cat, especially if it is a large one. It may even break on the first try, so be cautious when you buy a cat tree. However, if you are willing to put a bit of effort into constructing a sturdy cat tree, it will give you hours of entertainment for your cat. Not to mention, a sturdy cat tree will save your furniture and your cat’s health.


There are many different materials used for the covering of a cat tree. The most common of these are carpet, sisal, and bark paper. The material you choose depends on what you are looking for in a scratching post. Using carpet is the least expensive option and is also quite durable. However, if you’re considering using this type of material for the tree, you should know a few things before buying one.

One of the most important things to consider when buying a cat tree is the durability. If your cat jumps up and down a lot, it can loosen the screws. For this reason, you should buy a sturdy cat tree made of solid wood. This will also save you money in the long run. Moreover, you don’t need to assemble it yourself because most cat trees come with easy instructions. A cat tree made of solid wood is also much more durable.


If you have a big cat, then you should consider buying a large cat tree. They come in a wide variety of styles and capacities to accommodate multiple cats. Consider what type of cat tree you want to buy and what you’re willing to spend on it. Then, compare prices from different retailers and decide if the features you want are worth the money. A large cat tree may have more than one level, so make sure to measure the space between the posts to be sure it is large enough.

The size of a cat tree should be proportionate to the size of the room you have. A cat tree should not be too large or too small – the width should be around three to seven feet wide. In addition, it should be high enough so that your cat can stretch its limbs out while perched on it. Large cats may also want a cat tree with several levels. Cats love to climb up and down the cat tree to get the best view.


When you’re shopping for a cat tree for your larger cat, you’ll want to make sure to consider the size and weight of your feline friend. While most cat trees are large enough to accommodate your pet, you’ll want to be sure to select one with adequate strength. Generally, the higher the level, the more likely it will be to topple over. Fortunately, there are several ways you can save money on a large cat tree.

The price of cat trees can range significantly, ranging from around $40 to over $200. Larger trees are usually more expensive, though. If you’re considering a large tree for your pet, you should set a price limit of at least $100. Most cat trees come with everything you need to assemble them, so you’ll want to take this into consideration when shopping. Also, if you’re planning to assemble the tree yourself, check reviews to see how easy it is.


While the idea of a large cat tree is certainly adorable, it can pose certain problems. Among these is the uneven flooring in your home. This can be an issue if the tree is placed against a wall. To avoid this, consider shifting the tree to another part of the room or adding weights to the base. You can also choose to attach the cat tree to a wall with a hinge, but make sure to consider your cat’s size and breed before purchasing one.

If your large cat is prone to scratching, a scratching tree may not be suitable. A sturdy cat tree can help reduce the risk of accidents. The perches should be large enough for the cat to lay comfortably. Moreover, the entrance area should be stable and cat-friendly. Otherwise, your cat could fall off and hurt itself. While buying a cat tree, keep in mind the following issues:

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