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6 Financial Factors to Consider Before Adopting a Furry Friend

Bringing a new furry family member is an exciting idea, especially if you live alone or you have children. However, if you’re giving serious thought to adopting a pet, there are substantial financial commitments that accompany this decision. Here are six costs you should be ready to cover, some with a one-time payment but other costs are reoccurring.

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1. Adoption Fee: $0 – $500+

There are many variables that decide the cost of adoption. Where you live, age of the pet, breed, health conditions and services covered under the fee are the main factors that influence the cost. You can always gauge the fee with what it covers. The better quality care covered by the adoption fee will be higher initially but can actually save money in the long run.

2. Basic Needs Supplies: $100-$1000; Then $20-150 monthly

It’s a wise call to have your new pet’s most crucial supplies already in place at your home prior to bringing your furry friend home. You’ll need to have plenty of nutritious food, based on the breed, age, and health of your pet, along with food and water bowls set in a designated meal location. For cats, a litter box with litter in it and extra at the ready are also necessary. Puppy pads will be an added cost if you plan to keep your new pup in the house.

You’ll also be required to pay for any medications that are needed. These may be as simple as a cream you’ll rub on your pet or even prescription medication you’ll need to administer to your pet. The last of the basic supplies you’ll need to buy is pet shampoo. Bathtime may not be a fun task with your pet, but it’s important to maintain your pet’s hygiene.

3. Veterinary Care: Up to $300 for the First Visit

During the first visit to the vet with your pet, the veterinarian will assess your pet’s health and discuss proper care needs. When you choose personalized veterinary care you can expect a full physical health examination, vitals check and a discussion between you and the vet about specific care needs your pet may have.

When you set the first appointment with your vet, take the opportunity to ask about specific pet health services during your visit and the associated costs. Some expenses are standard for all animals during their initial veterinary visits.

  • Flea and wormer: about $150 annually
  • Vaccines: $50-150 for the first year, then typically under $100 annually
  • Regular vet visit: $150 and up
  • Special care visits: $200 and up

4. Protecting Your New Pet

There are many ways you can protect your pet. Having your pooch or kitty microchipped can offer peace of mind for animals who venture outdoors at a reasonable price, about $45. One of the most important actions you can take as a loving pet parent is to have your cat or dog spayed or neutered. The cost of this procedure will depend primarily on the sex, size, and age of your pet.

Some adoption organizations include this within the adoption fee, others list it within the stipulations of their adoption process. Ranging from $50 and up, this one-time fee will help keep pets closer to home if they’re outdoors regularly. It will also definitely and absolutely prevent a litter of pets if your fur baby is female.

5. The comfort of a Home: $100 and Up

Remember that you’re bringing a new family member into your home. Certain comforts should be afforded to him or her. A soft bed, toys, and treats are a few favorite items. Other similar items, however, take precedence in need. A collar and leash for example, or a crate if you plan to crate train your pup.

6. Other Pet Services

Finally, there will likely be situations where you’re going to need someone, namely a professional, to step in when you can’t provide the best care for your pet alone. For example, unless you have time to dedicate to training your pet, you’ll have to hire someone to help. Dog training courses will cost between $30 and $80 for each class or training session. Certain fur types require special grooming care. And of course, if you’re going on vacation, or even to work, you’ll need a pet sitter or a boarding kennel to care for your pet.

Closing Thoughts

Bringing a new furry family member is an exciting idea. However, it’s important to consider all the financial factors that come into play when adopting one. We hope these factors will help you gain a better understanding of what to expect when you take home a furry friend.

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